We have a range of machines covering a variety of capabilities and sizes. Each of the machines typically covers multiple roles allowing us to meet

a diverse range of requirements but also be responsive to customer needs when a fast turn-around is required.


Lathes (Turning & Milling)

- Component diameter (in chuck) : from 6mm to 420mm

- Maximum length : Up to 1000mm between centres

- Spindle tube diameter (for parts over 1000mm) : up to 74mm diameter

- Special functions:

  • C axis milling/drilling (axial & radial)
  • Bar feeders
  • Sub-spindle for machining both sides of component when barfeeding


Vertical Machining Centres (Milling)

- 4 axis machining centres

- X (1200mm), Y (560mm), Z (600mm)

- A axis with 8” chuck (360deg) or jig plate

- Special functions:

  • Geared head for large diameter drilling / tapping
  • Thread milling (for exotic materials where tapping isn’t suitable)
  • Range of chucks & vices
  • Production of jigs, mandrels to suit


Cutting / Deburring / Finishing

- Danobat programmable saw up to 300mm diameters (cuts to 0.5mm accuracy)

- Chopsaw (multi-speed)

- De-burring machine

- Barrel de-burring

- Belt linisher


Design / Drawing / Complex shape generation

- Delcam CAD/CAM software for complex turning, milling, surfacing etc.

- FastCAD general drawing package

- Threadcheck specialized threading software inc. support for gauge sizes


Etching & Component Identification

- Propen P5000

- Radial and linear etching

- Range of font sizes & depths including unique serial / sequential numbering



- Tesa 2D digital height gauge & surface table

- Mitutoyo P3000 profile projector with range of lens

- Thread micrometers, micrometers, verniers

- Surface finish, internal and external go/no go thread gauges

- Carbide inspection quality slip gauges