What we do

Bespoke Components

KAL Technology can produce bespoke components to your drawings and specifications, meaning we can produce pretty much anything required assuming its within the capabilities of our machines to produce it and most importantly our measurement equipment to check it. Our in-house machining services are complemented by a number approved sub-contractors for specialized grinding, plating as well as fabrication and welding services.


Specialized Fasteners

We also produce a wide range of standard metric and imperial fasteners including nuts, hexagon bolts/sets, standard & waisted stud bolts, capnuts, washers etc. These are produced to industry standards including ASME, BS, DIN & ISO and in a range of materials to suit your application.


Fasteners and associated components can also be produced to modified standards. Typically this means it follows standard dimensions but it may involve a non-standard aspect such as thread pitch or tolerances to suit a given application.



Our specialization is threaded components including metric, imperial, acme, stub acme and trapezoidal thread forms amongst many more.



We consider ourselves to be a medium volume manufacturer and batches typically range from 100’s to low 1000's of units, however we can also cater for smaller volumes or even prototypes where required. We supply to both OEMs and for one off orders, and where appropriate can hold stocks of components as part of a vendor management inventory service.

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