Many components require special materials to suit different application needs. These materials can be significantly more challenging to work with than standard steels and we have invested in the tooling and experience to successfully work with these materials.



Material can be sourced by KAL Technology or free issued depending on customer preference. We source our material from a range of approved suppliers and can also source from specific customer approved mills where required. Material is fully traceable with original 3.1 mill certs and we cut all parts on site to ensure traceability and provide test pieces for subsequent heat treatment when required.



End components can be etched with unique identification marks to provide full traceability back to source including model number, serial numbers and original material cast numbers if required.

Carbon Steels

- B7/L7,EN19T

- EN24T, EN26W

- 070M20, 080A15

- S275/S355


Stainless Steels

- 303/304L, 316, A480 & 660 grades


Heat Resistant Alloys

- S32760, SMO254 etc.

- Monel 400 / K500, Nitronic 50 / 60

- Durehete 950 / 1055

- Inconel 625/800, Hastalloy C276

- Ferralium 255

- Titanium Grade2 / Grade 5

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